How Often is Exterior Painting Necessary in Bonney Lake?

Pacific Pro Painting Bonney Lake exterior paintingKnowing when to schedule exterior painting for your home or business is important. Unfortunately, no one set timetable works for every situation. Instead, you’ll need to consider a variety of different factors to determine an optimal schedule. Whether you need residential or commercial painting services, the following information may prove helpful.

Surface Type

The frequency of exterior finishing work largely depends on the material being painted. Wood siding, for example, usually requires new paint every three to seven years. Brick, on the other hand, can go 15 to 20 years between paintings. 


Weather conditions also play an important role in determining when painting services are needed. Areas that are prone to extreme conditions will probably need more frequent service. Homes and businesses exposed to a lot of direct sunlight are also more likely to see paint bubbling and fading over time.


Additionally, the quality of the previous exterior painting job will impact when a fresh coat is necessary. If the painting contractor you originally hired failed to prepare the site properly or didn’t apply enough layers, you’re likely to need service again much sooner.

Need Exterior Painting in Bonney Lake?

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