How to Choose Interior Paint Colors in Puyallup

PacificPro Painting Services Puyallup interior paintPeople often spend a lot of time thinking about the exterior of their home and improving curb appeal through color. However, the interior is just as important, if not more so. Use these expert tips to pick interior paint colors you’ll be happy with. 

Use Your Furniture as a Guide 

The furniture in your home is a wonderful source of inspiration. Matching or contrasting paint colors with your sofa, window treatments and cabinets can tie the entire home together.

How Should Your Home Make You Feel?

When choosing paint colors, the main thing to consider is how they make you feel. Lighter colors tend to feel more open and airy, whereas darker colors feel warmer and cozier. For rooms that are already oversized or tiny, selecting warmer or cooler colors, respectively, can make them feel just right.

Find Your Inspiration in What You Already Love

One of the best ways to choose interior paint colors is to look for inspiration in your favorite things. If you have a particular piece of art you like, choose some colors from it to see how they would work in your home. Nature can also provide excellent choices that are both beautiful and timeless.

Need a Professional Interior Paint Job For Your Puyallup Home?

PacificPro Painting Services offers expert-level interior painting with only quality paints that deliver vivid and long-lasting color and performance. Not only does our experienced team leave your home with a flawless finish, but we also handle all of the necessary prep work, so all you need to do is choose the paint colors. Our residential customers get the same dedication to service as our commercial clients, whether you hire us for interior or exterior painting. When you’re ready to refresh your home with interior paint, contact us for your free consultation. 

Premium Interior Paint Services to Beautify Your Home in Puyallup

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